Treasures of Tradition

Now till 10 June 2024

At the heart of the Dragon Boat Festival lies a tradition of delicious food shared with loved ones. Ya Ge isn't just keeping this tradition alive; we are preserving it with our exquisitely handcrafted rice dumplings.

We use time-honoured recipes and only premium ingredients to create dumplings that connect you to our rich culture and evoke the spirit of the festival. Every bite bursts with flavour, making them more than a meal - they are a taste of tradition.

Experience the Delights:
▪ Kurobuta Pork with Conpoy & X.O. Sauce Rice Dumpling 
▪ Hokkien Style Braised Pork Belly Glutinous Rice Dumpling
▪ Minced Pork with Chef's Special Shrimp Chilli Paste Rice Dumpling

Share the Tradition:
Ya Ge's Rice Dumplings Premium Gift Box beautifully presents a delectable bundle of our most popular dumplings:
▪ Kurobuta Pork with Conpoy & X.O. Sauce (1 piece)
▪ Hokkien Style Braised Pork Belly (2 pieces)
▪ Minced Pork with Chef's Special Shrimp Chilli Paste (2 pieces)

Share these delectable dumplings at your family gathering and create lasting memories with every bite. Or, impress colleagues and loved ones with a thoughtful gift that embodies care and tradition.