Bring your family and friends for this indulgent seafood hotpot experience at modern Chinese restaurant Ya Ge, launching 13 November, 2023. Perfect for a dinner on a night out to pamper your loved ones, these hotpot sets are sure to give you a perfect end to your day.

Two New Soup Bases to Choose From

With two new soup bases, carefully selected ingredients, and an add-on menu for you to create your perfect hotpot meal, this new dish is not to be missed. Starting from $168++, these hotpot sets come with a decadent feast of top-quality seafood ingredients, like lobster, abalone, scallops and more. Ya Ge has created two soup bases that form the perfect way to enjoy our seafood hotpot. The first is Sugarcane and Bai Mao Gen - also known as imperatae - and is sweet in flavour and cold in nature. As per the definition in traditional chinese medicine, it restores meridians of lung, stomach and bladder. Additionally, it is a great cooling ingredient for the extremely hot weather in Singapore. Paired with the sweetness of sugarcane, it provides a refreshing and cooling base for the delicious array of ingredients used. The second option is the enticing lemongrass and white pepper soup. A super-ingredient, lemongrass contains a great deal of antioxidants, with both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with the sharp contrast of white pepper, this soup base is one to look forward to.

Luxe Ingredients. Nothing but the Best at Ya Ge

Guests have the option of choosing from three highlighted ingredients: Australian Live Lobster & South African Abalone, Live Mud Crab and Tiger Garoupa. As the king of the sea, the lobster is not only a decadent treat, but also comes with a host of health benefits, containing omega 3 fatty acids, copper and selenium. With its delicious creamy taste and subtle sweetness, combined with the buttery taste of abalone, the lobster hotpot is sure to delight. Additionally, the lobster set also comes with a complete piece of fresh South African abalone; thoughtfully-sliced, guests can add it to the soup and enjoy shabu-shabu style. With its distinct taste and characteristic sweetness, the live mud crab is a fresh and delectable treat, which, paired with the many seafood ingredients packed into the hotpot, will bring on an explosion of flavour. A staple in Chinese cuisine, the tiger garoupa is not only a beautiful fish, but is also delicate and sweet on the palate. It is known for its sumptuous taste and nutritional properties and is known to contain essential fatty acids as well as vitamins to nourish the body. Coupled with the seafood offerings in each hotpot, such as live prawns and abalone, the harmony of flavours in this hotpot will give you a rich taste of the ocean. Every hotpot comes with Ya Ge’s carefully selected and fresh live prawns, abalone, mussels, scallops, and live lala, as well as assorted fish pastes and vegetables. These will complement the flavour of the main ingredient, and enrich the flavour of the soup itself.

Spice up your seafood hotpot experience with Ya Ge’s tangy yellow capsicum dip which provides a seductive kick to the meal.

Celebrate Your Loved Ones with Ya Ge

As the year draws to a close, Ya Ge invites you to gather your friends and family in celebration of a year gone by. These hotpot sets will warm your hearts and bring you an indulgent treat to fill your bellies and please your palates.


Tiger Garoupa Hotpot: $168++
Live Mud Crab Hotpot: $188++
Australian Live Lobster (500g) and South African Abalone Hotpot: $218++

Promo Period: 13 November to 31 December 2023.

Each set is good for 3 to 4 persons.