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Ya Ge Orchid Hotel | Hotel Chinese Restaurant Singapore

Ya Ge is an upscale Modern Chinese restaurant helmed by a culinary team of experienced chefs from leading restaurants. Guests can look forward to indulging in a modern spin on traditional Chinese flavours and have their palates go on a journey from the past to the future.

Ya Ge’s name brings to mind an elegant pavilion and its interiors draw inspiration from the cultural pinnacle of China - Song Dynasty. Stylised mountainscapes, a feature wall sporting a school of fish as well as a colour palette underscored by a classy celadon, teal and calming neutrals make Ya Ge truly one of the best venues for entertaining and intimate gatherings.

Ya Ge 雅阁

Opened in May 2022, Ya Ge offers an innovative menu of exquisite handcrafted dim sum specialties including Xiao Long Bao in a Medley of Asian Flavours, and a myriad of traditional Chinese fare with a modern spin as well as a handpicked selection of premium tea and quality wines.